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Lot nr:16
Book nr:33523
Author:BAF, Lazare de
Title:Annotationes in L[egem] II. De Captivis, & postliminio reversis : in quibus tractatur de re navali. Eiusdem annotationes in tractatum De auro & argento leg. quibus vestimentorum & vasculorum genera explicantur [...]. Antonii Thylesii De coloribus libellu
Publisher:Robert Stephani
Description:4 parts in 1 vol. in-4to (3 with continued pagination) : 152, [8]-176-[11] pp. with woodcuts. Fresh copy in a modern vellum binding.
Note:Reprint of the edition of 1536 also printed by Robert Estienne of this posthumous anthology of the main works of the French diplomat de Baf (1496-1547). The 1st part (De re navali) includes his monograph on naval architecture and is illustrated with 21 woodcuts throughout the text (2 repeated), the 2nd one (De re vestiaria) comprises his treatise on ancient attire and contains 3 large woodcuts, the 3rd part (De vasculis) with 7 woodcuts comprehends his work on ancient vases. The last essay, not illustrated, is THE FIRST WORK ON COLOUR and is attributed to the philosopher Antonio Telesio (1482-1534). Five of the woodcuts are signed with the Lorraine cross which is the cypher of Geoffroy Tory (1480-1533), French humanist, printer and engraver, best known for adding accents on French letters and for writing the "Champfleury" published in 1529 on the use of French language. Text decorated with large dotted initials and with pages or some parts in Greek. Mark of Estienne on the title-page.
Renouard, Estienne, 75 n 22; Adams B-37; Soltsz B-12; STC French 39; Berlin Katalog 885; USTC 150155; Bernard, Aug.- Geofroy Tory [...]. 2e d. P., Tross, 1865, p. 72; Biogr. univ. II-623; Index Aurel. n 111.653; BN Cat. (2 copies); BLC (in 2 vol.); not in Mortimer French, Machiels, Matagne, Colas (other ed.), Lipperheide (id.).
PROVENANCE: ABRAHAM ORTELIUS with his signature on the title page
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